Season 1, Episode 2. Welcome aboard for the second episode of Sake Revolution. This week, join our intrepid hosts, Timothy and John, as they tackle the mysteries of what ingredients it takes to make sake! We’re going to go over each of sake’s four main components and how they impact the taste and feel of the sake you enjoy! This week’s sake tasting is a stand-out Junmai Ginjo from Yamagata, the Mac Daddy, Kudoki Jozu! Grab your favorite sake, relax, and enjoy!


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Sake, for all of its complexity and incredible flavor variety, is made from only four main ingredients, Water, Rice, Yeast, and Koji.

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Kudoki Jozu Junmai Ginjo

Dewazakura Dewasansan
Brewery: Kamenoi Shuzo
Acidity: 1.2
Alcohol: 16.5%
Classification: Junmai Ginjo
SMV: +1.0
Prefecture: Yamagata
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This is it! Join us next time for another episode of Sake Revolution!