Sake Revolution’s Reviews and Ratings

Calming presence for me

I listen to this to feel like I have company during this pandemic when we all are feeling a bit cabin fever-ish. Each episode is a delightful encounter about the Japanese national beverage, Sake. I love sake, and I love listening to this. Thank you!

Sasa Miyagi
January 9, 2021

Fun-Sized Elegant Tours through the Intricacies of Sake

The Expert & The Enthusiast – Tim Sullivan & John Puma explain the Terminology of Sake without losing the Excitement of Sake.
Tim Sullivan explains Sake techniques with clarity and poise, while John Puma restates the lesson for the ears of everyday drinkers. Start with the first episode and follow along episodically to build your personal Sake vocabulary. Enjoy, imbibe, and feel confident drinking more Sake!

November 15, 2020

Mouth watering journey through sake

Recently found this podcast and love it – easy and informative listening about sake. The hosts describe their experiences traveling to various prefectures, breweries, izakayas etc in Japan, which has been lovely in these times. They taste 2 or so bottles an episode which always leaves me aching to drink whatever they are having. Eagerly awaiting every episode!

November 9, 2020

All things sake! A must-listen!

So glad I found this gem of a podcast. Informative episodes on sake and various aspects of Japanese culture. A breath of fresh air when traveling to other places and tastebuds is not accessible right now. Definitely give this show a listen—kanpai!

October 12, 2020

Wholesome and Educational

These two guys have been real fun to listen to! Insightful yet light hearted, the experiences they share are both informational and candid, and never fail to reignite that excitement sake can offer!
August 9, 2020

…Very Informative

Sake Revolution podcast is very informative, and their conversation is very relaxing to listen to. Every time they pour sake into a glass, the sound makes my mouth watering.

August 1, 2020

Great podcast for sake lovers!

I really enjoy this podcast! It’s great for both beginners and more advanced sake lovers.
July 30, 2020

…It’s so much fun!

They manage to explain the essential information about sake (making) without being technical. Great humor of both hosts, too! The episode usually starts with a sake education corner that eventually ended at the tasting foyer, where each of them discuss the bottle sake they bring in for that specific episode. Definitely a 30-minutes well-spent each time!

July 21, 2020

What a delightful podcast!

I have recently begun listening to this podcast, which is so fun and informative. The hosts are charming even when they’re cheesy. Sake fans, no matter where you are on your sake journey, from beginner to otaku, you will learn something.
July 20, 2020


PERFECT TO LEARN AND MASTER THE SKILLS OF SAKES!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Been going through them all and really enjoying the seperared episodes covering all there is to know about sakes! The two host are really nice, great comments on different aspects and their personnal experiences. They really make it easy to learn and the approach is clear and simple! Great work, keep it up I’ll definitely follow and listen to them all!
June 20, 2020

Informative and entertaining!

Great informative and entertaining podcast about sake! I like the mix of education and talking about a particular sake. This podcast is best consumed while drinking sake!
May 22, 2020

Makes sake easy to understand!

Great podcast guys!
Chauncey Bogart
May 2, 2020

Spreading the gospel of sake to the US

Digestible episodes and thirst-quenching answers. What I enjoy about Sake Revolution is the easy-to-follow format of each episode. John and Tim provide a good amount of information for no longer than 30 minutes, making the podcast easy to listen to. Each episode features a different aspect of the sake industry, such as ingredients and the unique nature of junmai sake. An episode I particularly enjoyed goes into depth about brewer’s alcohol and why it’s added to certain types of nihonshu.

Jamie Ryder
May 2, 2020

Fantastic Personalities

Can’t believe they set up a podcast to share their knowledge with the rest of us!
April 26, 2020