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John Puma

Sake Otaku

John Puma is the co-creator of and “New York’s biggest Sake Geek.” Since falling in love with sake back in 2006, he’s been learning everything he could about the world of nihonshu. He teamed up with his wife to start The Sake Notes, a platform for photo blogging, sake educational videos, and social media outreach. They also host a monthly tasting event at Rabbit House, a sake and tapas bar located in downtown Manhattan. The Sake Notes’ goal is to demystify sake for newcomers and make this wonderful beverage as approachable as possible for everyone.

John is also an avid writer and photographer whose work has been featured in Wine and Spirits Magazine as well as The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks, by Stephen Lyman and Chris Bunting.

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Timothy Sullivan

Sake Samurai

Timothy Sullivan is the founder of, a resource for sake professionals and enthusiasts. Designated as Sake Samurai from Japan Sake Brewers Association in 2007, he also completed a one year sake brewing internship in 2017 at Hakkaisan Sake Brewery in Niigata Japan, and currently works for them as a Global Brand Ambassador.

Timothy is at the forefront of sake education, both to the general public and also to industry professionals. He combines first hand knowledge of sake brewing techniques along with a deep understanding of the sake industry. Based in New York City.

Power to the Sake People!

Welcome to the Revolution! The Sake Revolution! Join us and listen in on American's first sake podcast! Your hosts John Puma and Timothy Sullivan approach sake from an easy to understand way and break down everything you need to know to appreciate this amazing drink.

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