Episode 148 Show Notes

Episode 148. Did you know that there is a booming business in skincare products made from sake? In this episode, we dive face first into the world of sake beauty products, from the use of sake in your bath, to sake kasu used to soften skin and finally to the science behind kojic acid and how it’s used in a variety of commercially available sake skincare products. We also slap on a Japanese sake face mask to the test out sake skincare for ourselves. Hopefully we’ll finish up the episode moisturized and refreshed. We finish by toasting our success with a special sake featured in a previous episode – Toyo Bijin Junmai Ginjo Karakuchi, also known as Asian Beauty. So, if you’re ready to learn about the fascinating connection between sake, cosmetics and skincare, you won’t want to miss this episode! #SakeRevolution

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Welcome to the show from John and Timothy

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Toyo Bijin Junmai Ginjo Karakuchi

Classification: Junmai Ginjo
Prefecture: Yamaguchi
Rice Type: Yamadanishiki
Seimaibuai: 55%
SMV: +15.0
Acidity: 1.5
Brewery: Sumikawa Shuzojo
Alcohol: 16.5%
Brand: Toyobijin (東洋美)
Sake Name English: Asian Beauty

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Purchase on TippsySake.com: Toyo Bijin Okarakuchi Junmai Ginjo
NOTE: Use Discount Code “REVOLUTION” for 10% off your first order with Tippsy Sake.

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This is it! Join us next time for another episode of Sake Revolution!

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Episode 148 Transcript

John Puma: 0:21
Hello everybody and welcome to Sake Revolution.This is America’s First Sake podcast and I am your host and I’m delighted to be here with you.My name is John Puma.Um,I am from the Sake Notes.I’m also the administrator over at the Internet Sake Discord.And also I am the guy who runs the r slash sake community over at Reddit.

Timothy Sullivan: 0:43
And I’m your host,Timothy Sullivan.I’m a Sake Samurai.I’m a sake educator,as well as the founder of the Urban Sake website.And every week John and I will be here tasting and chatting about all things sake and doing our best to make it fun and easy to understand.

John Puma: 0:58
Tim,welcome,uh,welcome back to another show.I gotta say,I,pulling back the curtain.I’ve been on vacation

Timothy Sullivan: 1:05
Have you really?

John Puma: 1:06
I have,I’ve been on vacation.I’ve been away for a little bit.I haven’t,we haven’t recorded an episode in a little while.I got back into it.Got my,my recording,sea legs back,I think.Is that,is that the right word?That’s probably not the right word,but yeah.It’s,but yeah,it’s nice to be back here.Nice to see your smile and face

Timothy Sullivan: 1:23
John,you look,uh,really refreshed from your vacation.Do you feel well rested and rejuvenated?

John Puma: 1:30
I am very well rested and rejuvenated.Uh,we went off to the West coast for a little bit,stopped in in San Francisco and Seattle.We visited the good people over at True Sake.Uh,we also checked out a nice little,bottle shop slash tasting bar called Millay over in San Francisco.And then,when we went up to,uh,,Seattle,of course visited,Sake Nomi,which is another like bottle shop that’s also a tasting place,And also Hannyato another really nice,uh,another like a Sake bar with a,with with bottles to go kind of thing going on with them.All these places were,were great and I would thoroughly recommend anyone in the Sake Revolution Solar system that happens to be in the vicinity.Check these places out if you haven’t already.They’re a lot of fun.

Timothy Sullivan: 2:15
Well,it’s completely unfair that you get to do all this traveling.You’ve been to Japan,you’ve been to the West Coast.I’m just sitting here at my desk.Not fair,but you,I,I do have to say,you,you look well rested and you could be like five years younger than when you,when you left,

John Puma: 2:33
uh,I,I wished him,I really do it.I think that’s just,I think it’s just wind burn from being in San Francisco.

Timothy Sullivan: 2:41
So you’re,you’re applying that sunscreen,right?That’s,that’s the most important thing.They say sunscreen,right?

John Puma: 2:46
Um,I’m not a,uh,eager sunscreen supplier,

Timothy Sullivan: 2:49
Well,I’m approaching50years of age.Um,I’m approaching50from,from the wrong side,

John Puma: 2:57

Timothy Sullivan: 2:58
from the,I’m approaching50from the other s from the other

John Puma: 3:01
You’re departing50.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:04
And I,I have to admit that I’ve started a skincare routine.

John Puma: 3:09

Timothy Sullivan: 3:11
I,after I crossed the five oh threshold,I started doing a nightly skincare

John Puma: 3:16
just so,so what you’re telling me is that after50,the bar soap wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:22

John Puma: 3:24
Oh.Oh no.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:25
dial hand soap doesn’t work anymore.

John Puma: 3:28
Oh my goodness.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:29
Yes,but it does,I,I honestly don’t know if it’s just,it makes your skin feel better so you feel better,or if it really does anything.But I,I feel like it,it helps a lot.And the one interesting thing is that there is a crossover between sake and cosmetics.Have you explored this at all?

John Puma: 3:51
not really,but I was wondering when you were gonna find a way to tie this into sake.Thank you.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:56
We,we always tie it into sake.

John Puma: 3:57
Yes.Yes,we do.And I,and I trust you to do that each and every episode.Uh,but do I have personal experience with,um,that kind of thing?I don’t think so.Um,I’ve seen the products on the shelves.I’ve seen the social media finds me and tells me that there’s probably like sake kasu bath bombs I should be using or something like that.but I have never actually done it.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:20
so you’ve heard,you’ve heard about this World of Sake cosmetics before

John Puma: 4:24
It’s definitely something that’s come up.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:26
Okay,well it,when I was your age,I was in the same boat honestly.But after I passed50,I started looking into,uh,lotions and potions and.All that stuff.And it

John Puma: 4:40
have an episode title now.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:42
it does,it does help you feel better about your skin.And when you touch your own face,it does feel softer.So I’m,I’m,I’m a convert,honestly.So I wanted to talk to you about,Cosmetics and about sake cosmetics and this whole idea of,you know,using sake as,as a beauty regimen.Um,and there’s a couple stories that are so pervasive.If you read any marketing related to the use of sake or sake products as cosmetics,there’s two stories you’re gonna hear.Let me,let me know if you’ve heard either of

John Puma: 5:19
Okay.I’m,I’m,I’m crossing my fingers.I’m ready.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:23
So the first one is like the,the general story of like geisha in Kyoto using sake as,uh,toner or as a bath oil,or,you know,dousing themselves in sake as a beauty regimen.Have you ever heard of that before?

John Puma: 5:39
Like the,like just.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:42

John Puma: 5:42
liquid,liquid sake and just kind of put it on your hands and No,I’ve never heard that one.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:47
Well that’s,that’s

John Puma: 5:48
Splashing it all.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:49
often,often quoted in marketing and the other one is that to Toji or Master brewers who have their hands in Koji all the time have like,80year old grizzled faces,but their hands look like a30year old because they,the,the enzymatic action of the koji keeps their skin young.It’s always in,in mixing in the Koji.Have you ever heard that one?

John Puma: 6:15
Uh,I have heard,uh,I’ve have,I’ve heard that from brewers before.They’re like,look,my hands,

Timothy Sullivan: 6:22

John Puma: 6:22
uh,yes,I’ve definitely heard that before.

Timothy Sullivan: 6:25
Yeah,well tho those are the two kind of main stories that you hear when it comes to the use of sake or sake ingredients to make yourself more beautiful.And I don’t know if they’re really true,but it is the basis for.A lot of the sales that happen with Sake cosmetics.And I wanted to break down the,the three areas that people use sake in beauty products.Now,the first one is what we were describing with that the geishas were doing.You take liquid sake,just the regular sake,and you use that in some way.And the way that that’s most often used is just you put sake into your bath water and you take a bath in water and sake.Or you splash your face with sake and use it as like a toner.So those are some ways that people use just sake on its own,does that sound appealing to you?To put sake in your bath?

John Puma: 7:23
I think I saw,uh,an item on social media not that long ago.It might have been a Sora news item about a,an onsen that was advertising that they would,that they have a bath that,that they also put sake in.

Timothy Sullivan: 7:38

John Puma: 7:39
And I was like,that’s either they’re not putting a lot of sake in it,or that’s a very expensive bath,

Timothy Sullivan: 7:45
They don’t put that much for,for like a regular bathtub like you have in your house.You,you can put anywhere from one.To four one cups of sake.So anywhere from a quarter bottle to a full standard bottle of sake into your bath.And it’s supposed to soften your skin.I have never tried it myself,but if you have leftover sake that you don’t want to drink,it isn’t really a wonderful thing to try.And I know many people who do it in Japan.

John Puma: 8:15
Okay.All right.I,I do,I do appreciate a good bath every now and again.

Timothy Sullivan: 8:20

John Puma: 8:21

Timothy Sullivan: 8:22
well put that on the bucket list

John Puma: 8:24
All right.I’ve got plenty of sake so I can,I can easily,uh,uh,segue into that.

Timothy Sullivan: 8:31
Absolutely.And,there’s another ingredient.Sake adjacent ingredient that is used for cosmetics and beautification a lot.And that is sake Kasu.Now John,what?What is sake?Kasu,please remind our listeners.

John Puma: 8:50
Sake kasu is,uh,what is left after you are done making your sake.so you’ve got your,your moromi and then you put it into a press and you squeeze out the sake.And then what is left Is that,uh,kind of,uh,what’s the,what,what would,what would you call the texture of,of Kasu?Uh,depend.I guess it also depends on how it’s being.How mu you know,how you’re pressing.Uh,cause I’ve seen kasu that was very squishy and,uh,And,and wet almost.And then I’ve seen kasu that was almost like a really thin waffle,like a really,like a cracker almost.So I’ve definitely seen it a couple of different ways.I think that if you’re doing it for something like cosmetics,you want the,the more wet variety,

Timothy Sullivan: 9:37
Well,you mentioned the word moromi.moromi is the main mash,so that’s the fermentation mash with the rice and the koji rice and the water,and it’s all bubbling away.And then,Like you said,when you’re ready to press it,you wanna get the sake,the alcohol out,you need to squeeze it and put it in some kind of press.And the unfermented rice solids that are left over,that’s the sake kasu.And it’s filled with all of the enzymes and the amino acids and a little bit of alcohol.And people in Japan swear by.Sake Kasu as a beauty product.And it is actually used,there’s a very easy home recipe to make a face mask out of the sake Kasu,which is like the leftover pressings.And you can take like one tablespoon of sake kasu and two tablespoons of water.That’s been.Soaked in rice,like the water that you use for,when you’re washing rice like water that’s been soaked in rice.Or you can use two tablespoons of sake and you can dilute the sake kasu with sake as well.So either like rice,water or with sake.And then you literally just spread it on your face and let it sit for half an hour and then wash it off.And the enzymes in the koji are supposed to soften and.Um,brighten your skin.

John Puma: 11:07
Nice.Now,I imagine for most people the challenge is getting your hands on sake kasu in the states,right.I mean,f I’m not gonna lie for you and me,that is less of a challenge than for a lot of other people,in the country.Cuz I,I think that we,,we know a few brewers we can ask.

Timothy Sullivan: 11:25
You,you know a guy,

John Puma: 11:26

Timothy Sullivan: 11:26
a guy.

John Puma: 11:27
a guy,I know I have,I actually have costume from a guy in my freezer right now.Um,because Myshell has used it to make desserts before.

Timothy Sullivan: 11:33
Oh,cool.That’s excellent.Well,if you don’t know a guy who has sake kasu locally,a lot of Asian supermarkets sell sake Kasu,and it’s something you can find in Asian supermarkets,not.As widely available,but in major metropolitan areas you tend to be able to find it.I also found it on Amazon,so if you wanna order a packet of sake Kasu to try a face mask at home,you can,do that as well.And it’s available on Amazon.So it’s,within everybody’s reach here in the U.S.

John Puma: 12:08
That’s great.that’s really great.

Timothy Sullivan: 12:09
yeah,that’s something that a lot of people swear by.you,you know,John,you mentioned you weren’t too much into sake cosmetics and all that stuff,so,uh,I left a little something for you there on your desk and I thought we might have a little like live experiment here on the podcast.And uh,can you open the bag there and see what,see what I left you on your desk.

John Puma: 12:34
Uh huh.All right.This is,um,pure smile.Which sounds like a gentle product.I’m not gonna lie.It’s This is not teeth whitener.

Timothy Sullivan: 12:45

John Puma: 12:46
No,no,it is.Um,a Japanese sake essence mask,pure smile essence mask series.and this is very Japanese like this.The only thing that’s in English on this was,is that what is what I read,I think.Oh,oh.It also has some,some,um,some vitamin E and collagen and some other ingredients that are in English.But for the most part,this is some Japanese stuff.

Timothy Sullivan: 13:10
Yes,you and I are live on air right now.You and I are gonna do a Japanese sake face mask together.How do you feel about that?

John Puma: 13:22
Uh,I think we should have done the tasting first.Now.

Timothy Sullivan: 13:26
Alright,so the face

John Puma: 13:28
Uh,I’ve never done a face mask before,Tim.I’m not gonna lie

Timothy Sullivan: 13:32
my gosh.Oh,you’re gonna love it.So it,the,the packet is like a rectangle,very slim,and it feels a little squishy,right?So,uh,what you’re gonna

John Puma: 13:42
feels very squishy.

Timothy Sullivan: 13:44
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna rip open the top of the packet.

John Puma: 13:48
Uhhuh,we’re doing this now.We’re doing this now.Okay.All right.I’m all right.I ripped open the packet.Sometimes you gotta rip the bandaid off.Or in this case,rip the packet open.

Timothy Sullivan: 14:00
And then you wanna,you

John Puma: 14:01
oh.It’s really,it’s,it is wet in here.

Timothy Sullivan: 14:04

John Puma: 14:05
It’s all goodness.Uh,so I,I have a beard.Is this gonna

Timothy Sullivan: 14:10
you’re just gonna go right over the

John Puma: 14:12
Should I just like put it more on my head since I don’t have hair?

Timothy Sullivan: 14:15
Well,this mask is the shape of a face,so it

John Puma: 14:19
Oh,all right.So that just my head’s not gonna work too.Well,I won’t be able to see.

Timothy Sullivan: 14:23
So gently unfold it.You’re gonna want a little paper towel nearby.This is going to go over your eyes and nose and there’s little cutouts for all your

John Puma: 14:33

Timothy Sullivan: 14:33

John Puma: 14:35

Timothy Sullivan: 14:37
okay.I got

John Puma: 14:38
This face is terrifying.All

Timothy Sullivan: 14:40
It is terrifying.Okay.I’ve got

John Puma: 14:43
this is a great,this is great for an audio medium,by the way.All right,so I’m putting this thing over my,oh,it’s,oh,it’s so cold.It’s cold and wet and sad.

Timothy Sullivan: 14:54
Oh,and then you wanna spread it out.

John Puma: 14:58
Uh huh.

Timothy Sullivan: 14:59
Okay.So John,we

John Puma: 15:01
So,so Tim,it occurs to me that it might be difficult for us to taste sake with this thing on.Okay.Oh,geez.

Timothy Sullivan: 15:09
So this contains Japanese sake and it contains some moisturizers in vitamin E.And we’re supposed to let this hang out on our face for about10minutes.

John Puma: 15:23
10minutes.You don’t say,

Timothy Sullivan: 15:25
So while the sake mask is doing its magic,uh,we have a few minutes to kill.So I wanted to talk about one other ingredient in sake,that if you look at any other sake,cosmetics,not what we have on our face right now,but if you look at like moisturizers or serums or anything that is sold commercially that says it’s a sake product for beauty,there’s one thing that they often talk about and that’s.kojic acid.And you’ve heard of koji of

John Puma: 15:57
Yeah,I,I was immediately gonna ask you like,is that a con?Is there a connection to Koji?But I’m glad you beat me to it.

Timothy Sullivan: 16:04
Yes.So kojic acid is a type of acidity that’s produced during the sake fermentation,and it’s something that inhibits the.Formation of melanin in the skin.So it’s used as what they call a brightener or a,you know,it helps brighten skin.And it also has a lot of antioxidants in it,so it helps fight dark spots,discoloration,and provides some antioxidant protection

John Puma: 16:41
Would it be a bad time to tell you that I kind of need my melanin because I have low Vitamin D

Timothy Sullivan: 16:48
Well check back with me in15years and we’ll talk about your dark spots.

John Puma: 16:53

Timothy Sullivan: 16:57
Yeah,so.I have to say that I don’t use a Koji product,co kojic acid product myself,but there are a number of sake breweries that you will have heard of.Kikumasamune,Hakkaisan,Fukumitsuya a number of breweries.Make a sake cosmetic product in Japan as part of their lineup,and they sell it in their gift shop.So it is not uncommon for a sake brewery,usually the ones that are a little larger in scale to make,uh,cosmetics,face masks,serums,moisturizers.And I have some of those.And I especially like the sake moisturizers because they soften your skin,they smell like sake.And I,I really like them,so I do use some of those.

John Puma: 17:49
I don’t know if this necessarily smells like sake,but it’s,it is the only thing I can smell.

Timothy Sullivan: 17:55
what you have on your face right now.

John Puma: 17:57
Oh,uh,yes.Right?When I have it on my face,it does not

Timothy Sullivan: 18:00
Okay.Yes.So the experience of having the face mask on is it’s cold and slimy,right?

John Puma: 18:08
Oh,oh,oh yes.110%.

Timothy Sullivan: 18:12
Do,do you feel your skin tingling a little bit or.

John Puma: 18:16
Um,honestly,my face feels a little weird,

Timothy Sullivan: 18:19
and it fe it,it does feel like you’re wearing a pancake on your face with syrup on it,a little bit.

John Puma: 18:24

Timothy Sullivan: 18:25
It’s like someone,someone hit you in the face with a pancake and it kind of stuck to your face.That’s what it feels like for me.

John Puma: 18:31
Uh,I’ve never had that experience,but I don’t take your word for it.At least normally we drink the sake.Today we’re putting it on our faces.

Timothy Sullivan: 18:40
So I’m gonna need a drink after we’re done with this.

John Puma: 18:43
Oh,oh.A certain.I,we,I probably think we,maybe we should have had a drink beforehand,but,but,and I definitely think that it’ll be difficult for me to,to,to take in the aroma of a sake when this thing’s covering half my nose.

Timothy Sullivan: 18:57
okay.Well,I think maybe,are we,are we ready to,remove and take in the.The benefits of our Sake mask.

John Puma: 19:07
Sure.And,and if we’re not,I can snap my fingers.And now we are.

Timothy Sullivan: 19:13
All right,so it’s been our10minutes and we’re gonna peel off our sake mask.

John Puma: 19:19

Timothy Sullivan: 19:20

John Puma: 19:21
It’s a weird,this is a strange thing.Um,

Timothy Sullivan: 19:25
Your skin is gonna feel moistened,and I’m just gonna rub it in a little bit.

John Puma: 19:30
I’m gonna,I’m gonna,should I like pat my face down a little

Timothy Sullivan: 19:33
Yeah,you can pound it down.I’m,I’m just rubbing it in like a moisturizer.Rub it in like a moisturizer or a,a sunscreen.Pretend my shell is giving you sunscreen

John Puma: 19:42
I should have,maybe we should have called Myshell in for this.

Timothy Sullivan: 19:46
Too late.Ah,I feel,I feel refreshed and my,my skin does feel softer.So touch your skin.It should feel softer and bouncy.No.

John Puma: 19:58
Um,well,so the nice thing about this is that it only went up apart,you know,it was only on my forehead.So I can kind of easily,

Timothy Sullivan: 20:05
Can you tell the difference?

John Puma: 20:06
I can easily tell the difference from the part of my

Timothy Sullivan: 20:09
So your upper forehead,

John Puma: 20:10
the part of my bald head,where it was,where the,where the mask was versus the part of my bald head where the mask was not.And yeah,it definitely,it’s got more,uh,it is definitely moisture.

Timothy Sullivan: 20:22
yes,so your your

John Puma: 20:23
lot of,yeah.

Timothy Sullivan: 20:25
so your upper forehead is

John Puma: 20:27
my upper forehead is dry.My upper forehead is dry.My lower forehead is moist.Yes.And it is,uh,yeah,uh,it’s,uh,it’s uh,soft.It’s very soft.Actually.My skin is,is quite soft.

Timothy Sullivan: 20:39
Right.So that’s kind of the whole

John Puma: 20:41
point I.I will I was skeptical,uh,audibly through this entire process.And I will say that,uh,that I do feel,uh,yeah,my skin is very,very soft right now.The parts that had it on it are very soft.The parts that did not are the same old,uh,bar soap skin,so,

Timothy Sullivan: 21:02
Well,I’m,I’ll take that.I’ll take that.You,it wa it was,uh,I’m,I’m,I wasn’t sure we were gonna get through the whole10minutes,but we did it.

John Puma: 21:13
We did it.We did.We did.We did.Uh,now I don’t know about you,Tim,but I could use a

Timothy Sullivan: 21:18
I need a sake too.John,I,I picked a sake that we’ve had on the show before that I thought would be thematically appropriate for a,an episode where I Shanghai you into trying sake cosmetics.

John Puma: 21:36

Timothy Sullivan: 21:37
Uh,the sake we’re gonna taste today is,uh,sake.We featured back in episode87,that was our2021year recap episode,and I brought the Toyo Bijin Junmai Ginjo Karakuchi,which is known in English as Asian beauty.So I thought that would be an appropriate for our cosmetics episode.

John Puma: 22:00
I,I think,is that a pun?Is that,did we just experience a,a pun in our sake tasting option?

Timothy Sullivan: 22:07

John Puma: 22:08
Uh,now,now,I will say,uh,during that episode,you tasted this.I have

Timothy Sullivan: 22:12

John Puma: 22:12
on the air.I don’t think.I don’t,yeah,we,I had a different sake at that time.Cause we did little,a bit,a little bit of a potluck.Uh,but this is a,this is a,a great sake that I am a big fan of.I just haven’t had it in a really long time.

Timothy Sullivan: 22:25
Yeah.Well,let’s,let’s get it into the glass and get our

John Puma: 22:28
All right,well,while we pour,I’ll,I’ll talk a little bit about it and let everybody at home know what we’re,what we’re drinking.Uh,this is the Toyo Bijin Junmai Ginjo Karakuchi Tim mentioned,the term we like to use for this one in the west is Asian beauty.it is from Yamaguchi,another fine sake product from Yamaguchi,Tim,do you know,do they make,any beauty products at this brewery?

Timothy Sullivan: 22:51
I don’t think they do.But that would not stop me from trying a little toyo Bijin one cup in my bath.I would,I would do that.Alright,let’s,let’s hear the stats.

John Puma: 23:04
So,um,again,now the brewery here is,uh,Sumikawa Shuzojo,easy for me to say.the rice type on display here is Yamadnishiki and it has been milled down to55%of its original size.they’re looking to make good on that karakuchi name.So this is plus15on that sake meter value.The measure of dryness to sweetness,that’s pretty dry.And as we’ve talked about in the past,Karakuchi is is what they call dry sake.Usually very dry sake if they’re gonna put that on there.And,the acidity is1.5alcohol percentage of16and a half.And once again,the brand here is Toyo Bijin.So here we are

Timothy Sullivan: 23:45
I’ve got it in the glass.Yes,we got it in the glass.Our faces are softened and moisturized.I might,I might splash a little behind each ear.so let’s give it a smell.Hmm.So my comments back in2021were apple peel and pear on the aroma.

John Puma: 24:08

Timothy Sullivan: 24:12
It’s definitely fr,I smell it.Apple.You smell like a little bit of a pear.

John Puma: 24:16
uh,uh,I got a faint appy smell.Uh,pear is actually dead on,I think.Um,and,and you know how you can,you can sometimes,especially when you’ve been around sake,but you can like smell what something’s gonna be dry

Timothy Sullivan: 24:28

John Puma: 24:29
and it has that,but it doesn’t smell like it’s gonna be a plus15dry,so I’m very curious,see how it’s gonna turn out.Uh,this is,you know,1.5that’s relatively low acidity,not too low,but,um,relatively low acidity.So maybe things will bounce out a little bit.

Timothy Sullivan: 24:45
I am gonna give it a taste.Hmm.It does taste dry.Hmm.It’s,it’s drier than I remember it from.2021.

John Puma: 24:55
It is a lot drier than I remember it,and I couldn’t tell you.I think I,I think the last time I had this was like pre pandemic.I mean,I always remember liking it and I still do.It is,but it is,it is drier than I remember.And I think that in the past when I’ve had it,maybe the fruit,um,counteracted the dryness a little bit.And here the fruit is coming across a little bit more subdued to me.What do you think?

Timothy Sullivan: 25:20
Yeah,I agree.I think the dryness is a little bit more pronounced than,I remember it being.And it,does linger.Like there’s a,little bit of a,dry lingering finish,you know,it kind of stays with you.

John Puma: 25:36
That’s,that’s interesting because usually when we talk about dry,we talk about.

Timothy Sullivan: 25:42

John Puma: 25:43
Crisp and dry.And,and,and it’s a finish.And it’s,and it’s a quick,and it’s done.This is lingering,uh,and,and hanging around to remind you that it was dry.and,and it’s nice.it’s a nice sake to sip on.I think that,I think it’s a nice sake to sip on with some food,though.As,as we,as often is the case,what dry sake is.And I think that this is so,um,aggressively dry and so lingering dry

Timothy Sullivan: 26:12

John Puma: 26:13
that you could probably go a little harder with the food.as far as your,your richer stuff,what do you think?

Timothy Sullivan: 26:22
Yeah,I think I would call this a Cho karakuchi or super dry sake.Like it’s,it’s in the zone for sure.There’s nothing wrong with calling this a super dry.It’s got that really dry finish and what you said before is absolutely true.If they go to the trouble to mention Karakuchi in the name,then

John Puma: 26:40
Then they’re going for it.Yeah.

Timothy Sullivan: 26:42
be pretty,pretty dry.Yeah,for sure.

John Puma: 26:44
Hmm.Yeah.I think when I have this,like the first thing that popped outta my head was like,richer Asian foods.Like honestly,I don’t,I don’t wanna sound,uh,too basic,but,

Timothy Sullivan: 26:53
Too late.

John Puma: 26:55
I would like to have this with Chinese takeout.

Timothy Sullivan: 26:56
Yeah.That’s awesome.I was,you know,when you said that,I was thinking like Thai food.

John Puma: 27:01
Oh,that sounds great too.That sounds really,really fantastic.Yeah.Yeah.Some pad Thai or some like,you know,just nothing.I don’t think you need to go extravagant with this.This is really good and I think it’s gonna cut through the greasier stuff.I think that sake is would be a champion with you’re,you’re more fatty foods and you’re more,you know,big,flavorful foods.

Timothy Sullivan: 27:22

John Puma: 27:24
Now I want some Thai.Damn it.Tim,

Timothy Sullivan: 27:29

John Puma: 27:29
what is your,what’s

Timothy Sullivan: 27:30

John Puma: 27:30
Thai dish.

Timothy Sullivan: 27:31
Oh,I’m,I’m beyond basic.I’m like shrimp.Shrimp.Pad Thai is my,is my go-to.And you know what,what we should have done is we should have talked about cosmetics,had the sake ordered Thai food and then put the mask on.

John Puma: 27:47
Oh,next time.Next time.

Timothy Sullivan: 27:49
Just,just a couple of bros hanging out,takeout and the sake facial mask.

John Puma: 27:56
There you go.Oh,that’s funny.

Timothy Sullivan: 28:00
I have to ask you,John,I have to ask you,so were you traumatized by my surprise?Or is,is there a chance you may do sake cosmetics in the future?

John Puma: 28:10
I’m not gonna lie,I.Kind of liken how soft my skin

Timothy Sullivan: 28:15
right right.It,it feels,my,my skin feels really soft too.So it’s like a,a intensive10minute treatment you can do when you need a little boost,

John Puma: 28:26
Hmm.Yeah,I can see that.And,and as you pointed out,you know,we’re not getting any younger,

Timothy Sullivan: 28:31

John Puma: 28:31
so maybe a good idea to,uh,start looking at these things.I wonder if I,if I start doing this before I’m50,

Timothy Sullivan: 28:38

John Puma: 28:39
get ahead of the game.

Timothy Sullivan: 28:40

John Puma: 28:41
I’ve got a,I’ve got a couple of years to go.

Timothy Sullivan: 28:45
Well,they say the,the sooner you start,especially with sunscreen,that’s really important to start with sunscreen.But it looks like,or it sounds like my shell’s got you covered in that

John Puma: 28:54
She does.when we went to Hawaii a few years ago,she brought the sunscreen and all of her sunscreen is like s p F100plus.

Timothy Sullivan: 29:02
Yep.That’s my,That’s my zone too.

John Puma: 29:05
And so she would spray it on me every time we went out.And when I got back I think I visited my,family not too long afterwards and my mother was like,I thought y’all went to Hawaii.You pale.

Timothy Sullivan: 29:14
you’re more pale than when you left.

John Puma: 29:17

Timothy Sullivan: 29:18
Well,I have to say I’m a convert for sake cosmetics.On my next trip to Japan,I’ll fill some of my suitcase with some sake moisturizers for us,and maybe Christmas or your birthday you might get,you might get a little something

John Puma: 29:33
Uh,Nice.Well,well be careful.Don’t,don’t use up a valuable sake space in your,in your case,but,but I do,uh,I do appreciate that.I think

Timothy Sullivan: 29:43
Yeah.All right.Well this was a load of fun.Thanks for being a good sport about the pancake to the face.I appreciate that.

John Puma: 29:53
It was something,this is,you know,this is all about,embracing new experiences.And I,you knows you have no complaints so far.If I,if I have a rash tomorrow,I’m,I’m gonna talk to you.I’m gonna send you a,an angry photo

Timothy Sullivan: 30:07
Okay.Well,I,I,I hope you don’t have hives tomorrow,but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

John Puma: 30:13
not as much as,I hope I don’t have us tomorrow.

Timothy Sullivan: 30:16
All right.Well,John,great to taste with you.this,fabulous.To sake is,going to be a great chaser for our beauty treatment we had today.I want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in.We hope you enjoyed the show today and a special hello and thank you to all of our patrons.We really appreciate your support so much.If you’d like to support the show,you can visit patreon.com/sake revolution to learn more.

John Puma: 30:46
and,uh,while you’re at it,go and visit our website.We’ve got nice things there,like the show notes,and we’ve got a,a shop where we sell swag.We are not selling any sake Revolution branded.Sake cosmetics just yet.Uh,but I think maybe Tim can bring some back from Japan or white label.It’ll,it’ll be great.It’ll be our little secret,But anyway,yes.So do,do visit,uh,and while you’re there again,check out the show notes.Check out because there’s,there’s gotta be a photo of us with these masks on.You’re gonna get a kick outta that,I’m sure.and,uh,there’s also a contact form over there and you can use that to send us emails and you can send us your personal recommendations for sake cosmetic products.and maybe we’ll try them on the show.Who knows?Who knows?We have a,we have a follow-up episode.I don’t know.Uh,so on that note,Tim,uh,raise a mask.I mean,raise a glass.Remember to keep drinking sake and Kanpai.Well.

Timothy Sullivan: 31:43
You survived?