Episode 145 Show Notes

Episode 145. TippsySake.com is a well known online retailer of sake in the U.S. and when they launched their new Tippsy Sake Club in March, John and Timothy knew they had to check it out. To get started, Tippsy designed an interactive online quiz that walks you through a few questions to help identify the sakes that might be the best match for your palate. We decided to take the quiz in real time and then discuss the results with Tippsy Portfolio Manager Sachiko Miyagi. Sachiko walks us through the ideas behind the flavor profile quiz and how the whole club is set up. The fun really begins when we get to taste the results of the quiz as we all share a sake recommended by the Tippsy algorithm to both John and Timothy. Listen in to see if the sakes recommended by the Tippsy quiz garner high marks from the guys! #SakeRevolution

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Welcome to the show from John and Timothy

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About Tippsy Sake
The world’s most wondrous brew. Sake is made with incredible attention to detail. It is brewed from the simple ingredient of rice, yet there are 10,000 ways it can turn out. Join us as we explore the fascinating traditions of Japan’s sacred national beverage. TippsySake.com is the largest online platform for sake in the U.S. Our mission is to make sake fun and easy for everyone. We also offer the world’s first personalized sake subscription featuring sommelier-recommended bottles, member discounts, a beginner’s guide and other exclusives. We’re proud to share the stories of Japanese breweries with you! Join Tippsy Sake Club to receive expertly curated sake bottles. Members also have access to exclusive discounts and special content.
Sake Club: tippsysake.com/pages/tippsy-sake-club
Website: tippsysake.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tippsysake/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tippsysake/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4UCVYmNh8XwB1U72z7JvSQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tippsysake

☛ Tippsy Sake Club ☚
Discover new sake in every box

  • Personally curated bottles of sake (3 or 6 bottles) based on quiz
  • New bottles to match your palate based on ratings on every box
  • Tippsy Tribune newsletter for brewer interviews, recipes and more
  • Tippsy Sake Guide & original wooden masu cup in first box

Learn More: tippsysake.com/pages/tippsy-sake-club
NOTE: Use Discount Code “REVOLUTION” for 10% off your first order with Tippsy Sake.

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About Sachiko Miyagi
Sachiko was born in Alaska, and spent her youth in Japan. After 14 years in the service industry in Seattle, she moved to Boston, where she found her passion for spreading the love of sake. Her experience includes Director of Marketing at Cedar River Brewing Company, a micro sake brewery in Seattle. She has also worked at Sake School of America as an instructor that further helped her education in both Sake and Shochu to the next level. Sachiko is currently the portfolio Manager at Tippsy Sake, the largest online retailer for Sake in the United States.

Skip to: 23:17 Dewazakura Oka Ginjo

Dewazakura Oka Ginjo

Brewery: Dewazakura Shuzo
Alcohol: 15.5%
Prefecture: Yamagata
SMV: +5.0
Rice Type: Dewasansan, Haenuki
Seimaibuai: 50%
Brand: Dewazakura (出羽桜)
Importer/Distributor: World Sake Imports (USA)

view on UrbanSake.com

Purchase on TippsySake.com: Dewazakura Oka Ginjo
NOTE: Use Discount Code “REVOLUTION” for 10% off your first order with Tippsy Sake.

Note: This sake was provided as a free sample from TippsySake.com. Please note that if a sake or product is provided to us at no cost, there is no guarantee or implied promise for us to review, taste or feature that sake or product on a Sake Revolution podcast episode. We do not produce episodes or feature sake in exchange for free products or services.

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This is it! Join us next time for another episode of Sake Revolution!

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Episode 145 Transcript

John Puma: 0:21
Hello everybody and welcome to Sake Revolution. This is America’s first sake podcast and I am your host, John Puma From the Sake Notes, also the administrator over at the internet Sake Discord, and a guy who also runs the r slash sake community over at Reddit.

Timothy Sullivan: 0:38
And I’m your host, Timothy Sullivan. I’m a Sake Samurai. I’m a sake educator, as well as the founder of the Urban Sake website. And every week John and I will be here tasting and chatting about all things sake and doing our best to make it fun and easy to understand. Hey John. I did get an interesting email from our friends at Tippsy. Have you heard that they have a new Sake Club? I know you’ve been a member in the past.

John Puma: 1:05
I have, I have, and I did hear about the new club and uh, and, and sometimes I am inherently suspicious of things, so I looked a little bit more closely and it looks like the, uh, the Tippsy Club had like a, a little quiz you can take that’ll help you find the right sake for you. And I find that to be very fascinating. I found that to be a very interesting idea. What, what are your thoughts on that kind of concept? The idea of like helping people select sake based on, uh, a quiz of, of some sort.

Timothy Sullivan: 1:35
Yeah, I’ve seen things like that on like, uh, wine websites before where you fill out a questionnaire and they make some recommendation. And I think if you’re getting started with sake, that’s an awesome way to get things rolling and find out what you like. So John, I’ve got an idea. How about you and I get

John Puma: 1:53
I think I know where this is going.

Timothy Sullivan: 1:56
How about we get onto Tippsy and take that quiz ourselves? What do you think?

John Puma: 2:00
I think that is an excellent idea, Tim. Let’s do it.

Timothy Sullivan: 2:03

John Puma: 2:04
we are at the Tippsy. storefront and we’re looking at the, the, uh, flavor profile quiz, and it says, what is your flavor preference? That’s the first question. And uh, so we’ve got, we’ve got four options here. We’ve got delicate and dry, we’ve got delicate, aromatic, and slightly sweet. We’ve got rich and dry, and then we’ve got rich and slightly sweet.

Timothy Sullivan: 2:27
John, I’m on the edge of my chair.

John Puma: 2:30
Nice. So this, there’s, this is interesting for me. Like I, I immediately think like delicate, aromatic, and slightly sweet’s my thing, but I also really like delicate and dry,

Timothy Sullivan: 2:40
Hmm. Well you can pick multiple ones here. And I think it’s important to, to note that there’s an option at the very bottom that says, I don’t know yet as well. Yeah. So for me, can you, you know, we’ve done this podcast for a few years now. Can you, can you guess what I would pick?

John Puma: 3:01
I mean, in my mind, I, I think the, uh, I think you’re kind of like, I mean, I guess delicate and dry then, right?

Timothy Sullivan: 3:08
That’s right. I’m gonna select delicate and dry. And I’m also gonna select aromatic and slightly sweet because I think of these four options, those two would be where, where I would go. How? How about you?

John Puma: 3:21
Um, I mean, I feel like I’m cheating if I choose the same thing as you, but that’s really where I’m at too. I really feel like that’s what I like.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:29
Okay, so we, you and I have both selected the same delicate and dry as well as delicate, aromatic, and slightly sweet

John Puma: 3:36
Let’s do it. Let’s go

Timothy Sullivan: 3:37
right, so continue.

John Puma: 3:39
All right, question two, and I, I really like this. What categories do you not want in your, uh, in your subscription, in your order?

Timothy Sullivan: 3:48
So this is gonna allow us to take certain types of sake out of our subscription. Okay.

John Puma: 3:53
So let’s say you’re a person who doesn’t like cloudy sake. You don’t like nigori, you can take out the Nigori. You don’t like sparkling sake. You can take out sparkling sake. Um, if you don’t like umeshu, That’s fine. You don’t want to, maybe you get your show someplace else. And, uh, and also flavored sake. So if it’s, uh, something that is, more of a, a sake liquor kind of thing, like a yuzu sake or something like that, you can eliminate that from the, from the equation. I’m a little bit of a purist, Tim, so I’m going to, select all four as things I don’t want in my, uh, in my collection because I, you know, I just wanna have some sake.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:29
Hmm, I really enjoy sparkling, so I’m going to take out Nigori. I’m gonna take out Umeshu and flavored. So I’m gonna leave in sparkling from me cuz I really, I really do enjoy that.

John Puma: 4:44
Excellent. All right. Question three, what do you eat when you drink? Choose at least one. They’re like, please, please, please choose at least one.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:55
What are the options here John?

John Puma: 4:56
Uh, so, um, ironically, the first election is nothing. it says nothing. I want my drink to speak for itself. Uh, and then you have fresh sushi and sashimi hits the spot. Next up is, uh, I prefer surf over turf, so oysters, fish, dishes, et cetera. After that, we have, I am a carnivore meat all the way. And finally, I love a good cheese board of the fruits and veggies.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:25

John Puma: 5:26
Now, this is gonna be the part where you and I differ the most, right?

Timothy Sullivan: 5:31

John Puma: 5:32
Because I’m, I’m staying as far away from that cheese board as possible.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:39
Yeah, well, honestly, I’m gonna select all of these because I love sashimi. I love surf, I love turf, and I love a good cheeseboard, and I also want my sake to speak for itself sometimes. So I’ve selected all of these. How about you?

John Puma: 5:54
Excellent. So I’m gonna say nothing. and I’m also gonna say, carnivore because a lot of the dishes in our home are, tend to be meat. So there we go.

Timothy Sullivan: 6:04
Okay, so we’ve selected our, what we like to eat when we drink, continue. And the next question, what is your preferred sake temperature? And we have chilled, warm, or both? Chilled and warm.

John Puma: 6:23
Well, again, I’m gonna be pretty boring here. I, I like my sake chilled, generally speaking, there are situations where warm is nice, but I, uh, I’m low effort. Uh, take it right outta the fridge and put it in a glass. That’s me.

Timothy Sullivan: 6:37
Okay. Well, I’m gonna select both chilled and warm because I’ve, I love a really well done warm sake in the winter, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna stick to both.

John Puma: 6:48
Excellent, excellent.

Timothy Sullivan: 6:49
moving on. So, continue.

John Puma: 6:51
Ah, here we go. Tasting notes that you’re interested in. Tim, you can’t just choose them all. I mean, you can’t, but that, that’s cheating.

Timothy Sullivan: 7:00
No, there’s no cheating. You can’t cheat on the Tippsy quiz,

John Puma: 7:04
All right. So

Timothy Sullivan: 7:06
at least at least three tasting notes. Do you want to read through this list real quick?

John Puma: 7:12
sure. So we’ve got floral, citrus, tropical apples and peaches, vegetable nuts, dried fruit, cereal and grain and earth and mineral, which shows a picture of mushrooms for the record. So, I imagine that, mushrooms are considered earth.

Timothy Sullivan: 7:34
Yeah, I think that would be like the umami we’re always talking about, right? Yeah. Okay. So, what do you think? How about for you? I think you’re gonna go with, if I, if I had to pick for JP here

John Puma: 7:47
I’m very curious

Timothy Sullivan: 7:47
I would say floral, citrus, tropical apple, and peaches.

John Puma: 7:51
I’m also gonna add dried fruit.

Timothy Sullivan: 7:53
All right.

John Puma: 7:54
But you a hundred percent, but also dried fruit.

Timothy Sullivan: 7:57
All right, I’m gonna cast a little bit of a wider net than you Puma. I’m gonna throw in. A little cereal and grain vegetable and you know, I might just pick them all because yeah, I enjoy all these, definitely floral citrus, tropical apples and peaches. Vegetable is interesting to me. Uh, cereal and grain, earth and mineral. And maybe I’ll leave out nuts and I’ll leave out. Dried fruit.

John Puma: 8:30

Timothy Sullivan: 8:31
Yeah. All right, this, I’m getting very excited to see what’s gonna come out of this. Okay, so now we’re gonna continue onto the next question, and the question here is, what kind of sake would you like to start with? So the options here are one, I’m new to sake. I want to try the most popular bottles first, or. I’m ready to learn more. I want some hidden gems or three. I’m not particular. I want to see what you select for me. So those are the three options.

John Puma: 9:07
Well, um, this is a tricky one for us. I think that we probably know more bottles than most people because, we encounter them a whole lot. So for this, I’m just gonna do, not in particular,

Timothy Sullivan: 9:23
I’m gonna do the same. I want them to recommend stuff, and if it’s things that I know and love, that’s fine. And if it’s hidden gems, that’s fine too. So I’m gonna select, I’m not particular. All

John Puma: 9:34
All right, now to continue. We choose a budget and a bottle volume and how often, for purposes of our little experiment here, the one that’s most important on this page is the budget, right?

Timothy Sullivan: 9:44
Yes. So the budget goes from $20 a bottle up to $200 a bottle.

John Puma: 9:49
Uh huh

Timothy Sullivan: 9:50
So what are you gonna set for your budget?

John Puma: 9:53
Let’s see, it’s defaults to 20 to $65, so I’m gonna leave it at the default. I generally, don’t like to spend more than about 65 on a single bottle.

Timothy Sullivan: 10:04
Well, I’m going to stretch the budget a little bit. I’m gonna say between 20 and a hundred. I usually don’t buy $200 bottles of sake. But thinking back to our, our bougie sake episode, like every once in a while I like to up the budget, get something really special. It would be for a special occasion. And so I, I wanna see what they’ll include for something that’s, you know, not at the highest end of the spectrum, but a little bit higher than what they start with. So I’m gonna go up to a hundred.

John Puma: 10:37
All right. All right. All right.

Timothy Sullivan: 10:39
Continue. All right. Okay. So, wow. It looks like that’s the end of the quiz. We made it.

John Puma: 10:46
All right, so Tim, we took the quiz.

Timothy Sullivan: 10:51
Yes, that’s right, John, we just finished the quiz and we are looking at the results. Now you got three sakes and I got three sakes as a result. And what jumps out at me first is that. Looks like we have one in common.

John Puma: 11:09
I want to say that when you taste a lot of sake and you take one of these quizzes and it gives you back. One of your favorite bottles? That’s evidence of a quality quiz in my mind. What about you? What are your thoughts on it?

Timothy Sullivan: 11:21
Yeah, it was really interesting. Now we’re going to hold off on revealing the exact bottles that we got for just a moment longer. I think that in order to really talk about these quiz results in detail, we should bring in an expert. And we’ve got someone on the line who was just the person to help us. We’re gonna bring in our friend Sachiko Miyagi from Tippsy sake. And she’s gonna give us the low down on how this quiz came together and what the deal is with this whole Tippsy Sake Club. So let’s welcome Sachiko to the podcast. Hey, Sachiko, welcome.

Sachiko Miyagi: 11:56
Thank you. Thank you so much for having Tippsy and, um, me on the podcast. I’ve been a fan from during the, during covid. It’s been kind of a safety blanket for me, um, to listen to for comfort. So love you guys, and love what you do. Um, we’re just in making sake fun and accessible is exactly what Tippsy’s mission is. So, um, thank you so much for having us and also for taking the quiz. I’d love to, I

John Puma: 12:30
Yeah, that was a,

Sachiko Miyagi: 12:30
I, I need to hear about it more, but um, yeah, let’s get into it.

John Puma: 12:36
Sure, sure. So before we dive directly into the quiz just in case people are listening and really don’t even know what Tippsy is, they should probably know what Tippsy is. So can you please tell our listeners at home what is Tippsy sake?

Sachiko Miyagi: 12:48
Yes, Tippsy sake, spelled with two ps, t i p p s y s a k e.com is an online, um, resource for sake lovers and it’s basically a sake shop that’s online, based in the US and we ship sake to, most States in the United States.

John Puma: 13:09
Great. and more specifically now, the Tippsy Sake Club. What is it? How’s it work?

Sachiko Miyagi: 13:15
Yeah. Tippsy Sake Club, has evolved. It was started by Genki, the founder, in 2018. And he had a subscription service back then that was three mini bottles every month. And then when I joined, which is two and a half years ago, we upgraded that to six 300 milliliter bottles, every three months. And it came with like educational videos and cards and things like that. And then now we’ve evolved that even further. And made them bigger bottles and a lot of flexibility. So now we can, instead of giving you the pre-selected six bottles every three months, that here we go, you know, this is my selection. Please enjoy it. and the purpose was for people to try a lot of different things. So you start to understand your flavor preferences. And that you can navigate for yourself and find the sake that you like because we have, over 400 SKUs. So, it’s a lot of different products to have to sort through. And unlike wine, you can’t just say, oh, I like Chardonnay. And just look at it. Chardonnay categories like fairly easy but when it comes to sake, you have to start with, oh, what is Junmai? Well, what about when it says Junmai Daiginjo? You know, there’s just a lot of mystery around, sake, as you know. And so now we’re able to have you take a quiz and see if we can recommend. Some bottles that are gonna hit the spot for you, hopefully. And the really cool thing is, is that after the first time, you can rate the bottles that you got, and then according to your rating, your next one will be even more curated because we have even more data and what you enjoy and what you may not enjoy. So that’s the kind of the evolution of the Tippsy Sake Club, which is a subscription.

John Puma: 15:24
Nice. I like the idea of being able to bring in additional data as things go on it. It’s like how things like Spotify work where it gets an idea of what kind of music you’re into and then oh, you, you definitely didn’t like this music, so we’re gonna not do that anymore. And things of that nature. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool.

Timothy Sullivan: 15:39
Now I can imagine a lot of thought and head scratching goes into building a quiz like this. Can you tell us what went into making this quiz and how’d you come up with the specific questions we just went through and what, what’s kind of behind the scenes view of, of making this quiz?

Sachiko Miyagi: 15:58
Just like anything that Tippsy does, we wanted to make sure it’s friendly. It’s easy it’s authentic and all those things. So we try to make it simple for people. It is a lot of questions, but hopefully it was fun to get through. And then for each of those questions, yes, there is a backstory. like some of the things that you answered, like pairing question, like what do you like to eat it with, as you may guess, sake goes well with anything. So it’s, you know, sake is really non-discriminatory. So even if you are vegetarian, you’re gonna enjoy every single sake in a different way. So with that one,

Timothy Sullivan: 16:42
that, Was that a trick

Sachiko Miyagi: 16:43
It’s not a trick question. It does add up to, the algorithm behind the quiz. But I asked if they could give a little bit smaller points to it compared to the flavor profile quiz at like points. So let’s say the flavor profile’s going gonna give you one point for each thing that you answered that matches. And that would be like up to three points per bottle. The pairing one, I asked if they could adjust it to 0.5. So it will make a difference when you have two products that have like, let’s say 12 points for all of, you know, matching all your preferences. It’s hitting the spot, it’s light and dry and it’s doing all these things, you know, and it also is recommended to, to enjoy with meat. So then that one’s gonna have, you know, just a 0.5 like. Just a cut above the other ones. So we do tweak, the behind the scenes kind of point system in the algorithm just a little bit.

John Puma: 17:45
So they’re, so they’re weighted

Sachiko Miyagi: 17:46
they are

John Puma: 17:47
certain things are a little bit more important

Sachiko Miyagi: 17:49
They are, Yeah.

Timothy Sullivan: 17:50
Okay, John, I think it is time for the big results reveal. I can not wait any longer. So let me tell our listeners, first of all, the sakes that I got as my results. Uh, the first one is the Wataribune 55 Junmai Ginjo. Then I also got Toyobijin Karakuchi. And I also got Dewazakura Oka. And that is the one I can reveal that you and I have in common.

John Puma: 18:24
The idea that we both got recommend the same sake makes all the sense in the world because, uh, we have very similar, um, very similar taste, not exactly the same taste, very similar. So one out of three. That’s great. Uh, so yeah, what do you think about the other two that came in for you?

Timothy Sullivan: 18:39
Well, before I talk about that, I do want to. Remind our listeners that when John and I started our podcast three years ago, we were doing our first episode and we’re like, what? What the heck sake are we gonna pick for our first episode? And it has to be something we both love and we can talk about. And what did we pick? Dewazakura Oka so it was the first sake that John and I both grabbed to talk about on our first episode. So it was kind of, uh, speaks to the fact this quiz really does zero in on what you like

John Puma: 19:09
The quiz is a listener, Tim.

Timothy Sullivan: 19:11
if you’re uh, if you’re truthful in your quiz. The other two sakes are Watribune is the Junmai Ginjo 55 is one of my all-time favorite sakes. Like, no joke. I absolutely love it. So I was delighted to see that there. The Toyobijin dry sake is one that I like it. So it’s fun for me to think, oh, I’ve had that before, but not in a long time. I wanna revisit it. So I was happy with all my results. How about you, John?

John Puma: 19:38
again, uh, I’ve also got the, the Dewazakura Oka, which there’s history there. The other two for me were the Heiwa Kid Junmai, which I’m a huge fan of. I think I’ve talked about it on this show at length. it’s one of those sakes that I can accidentally, oh my goodness. Where did the bottle go? Whoops. Kinds of sakes. I just think it’s like, just weapons-grade delicious. Its so light and easy drinking. and then the other one I got was the, uh, Urakasumi Karakuchi Honjozo, which honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever had. So that’s kind of like bumped up on my list of things to try now, because the other two I are, I’m, I’m big fans of, I’ve, I’ve had other things from Urakasumi, but I don’t know if I’ve had this exact sake. So it’s something I need to poke at and see what I think about it. So I’m definitely gonna be trying that one in the near future.

Sachiko Miyagi: 20:25
So awesome. I

Timothy Sullivan: 20:26
Excellent. So Sachiko, I wanted to ask you as well, what can customers expect when they order the the club and they get their first shipment. What’s that experience like? What are they gonna get in their box and what happens the next time they order?

Sachiko Miyagi: 20:42
You get a Tippsy branded masu and, we flip flop whether we should do a little ochoko or a glass or a box. And the box is kind of given away in Japan, as gifts to commemorate some kind of milestone. You know, as a drinking vessel it might be a little awkward, but I use it actually at home as a like business card holder. Cause I have so many. And, uh, you get a little booklet, for anybody that wants to dive a little bit more deeper into what does it mean when you’re, when we’re listing Yamahai as a sake, rice, what qualities do you look for? There is a map, a regional map about, so you kind of know generally where each Prefecture is if you’re looking that up. and temperature gauge, like how to heat, something up. Just a tiny, tiny bit on vocabulary for anybody that’s interested. With this new subscription service, we try to set you on the right path to just explore more and make sake your own and discover things. just so you can make sake much more of your friend at home, so when we launched this on March 1st, it was a milestone thing, we were celebrating. It was very cool. But we are fine tuning and, and making more advances, as we go. And we do have add-ons that, that have sake ware, that you can add to your order and, seasonals and Tippsy favorites that you can swap it with. So if you’re not feeling like you want three or six bottles of everything that’s sort of lining up with your taste profile, then you can switch any of them out. And so maybe you wanna do, you know, all $35 and lower results just to see it. And then you wanna add, oh, like somebody’s birthday. You wanna add something that’s more expensive that is recommended.

John Puma: 22:46
Yeah, So on that note, This is of course, Sake Revolution. And on Sake Revolution, every episode we will be tasting some sake. It’s kind of just what we do here. since Timothy and I both received Dewazakura Oka. As a result for our quiz, we decided to get a bottle of Dewazakura. Oka. And we’re gonna sip it and we’re gonna talk about it with Sachiko here, and we’re going to start that right now.

Timothy Sullivan: 23:13
Through the magic of podcasting, we completed the quiz

John Puma: 23:16
it’s the bottle has

Timothy Sullivan: 23:17
the bottle has appeared. All right, well, As we do, uh, Sachiko, John, let’s go ahead and pour the Dewazakura Oka into the glass. And as we’re doing that, John can read out the stats for our listeners.

John Puma: 23:34
Yes, yes. We’re gonna mix our ASMR splashing with our description. So this is the Dewazakura Oka. It is a Ginjo, so it’s aruten, that’s brewer’s alcohol added. Go back to our old episodes about that and you’ll find out all the details. The name of the brewery here is Dewazakura Shuzo. They are located in wonderful Yamagata Japan. The rice being utilized here is Dewasansan and Haenuki. The seimaibuai, that rice milling percentage is 50%. The sake meter value, that measure of dryness and sweetness is a nice and slightly dry plus five, and the alcohol percentage is 15 and a half.

Timothy Sullivan: 24:20
Sachiko, I saw on the Tippsy product page for Dewazakura Oka. You’ve done a wonderful three minute video on this sake, so I know you know it very well. And one of the key points you raised in that video was that this is like a long time classic ginjo style, isn’t it?

Sachiko Miyagi: 24:38
It is, it’s hugely iconic. This is kind of what started the ginjo boom. And it’s been, around for what, 40 years?

Timothy Sullivan: 24:49
Let’s, let’s give it a smell and take in this ginjo aroma.

John Puma: 24:54

Timothy Sullivan: 24:56
Oh, lovely.

John Puma: 24:57
Ah, yes, Tim. This is why we chose this one for the first episode

Timothy Sullivan: 25:00
Yes, yes. Sachiko, what are you, what are you smelling here? What are you getting?

Sachiko Miyagi: 25:05
it’s just incredibly “ginjo ka” It’s floral.

Timothy Sullivan: 25:11
Yeah, so for our listeners at home, when you say “Ginjo ka” Ginjo is this classic fruity ginjo aromas and ka means fragrance or aroma, right? So when you say Ginjo Ka, it’s that classic fruity, melon-y. Floral yumminess,

Sachiko Miyagi: 25:26
Yes, some white flowers to me, it has a little bit of a mineral, um, type of note to it too, which everybody has a different take, but, um, yamagata sake tends to have that for me sometimes. And this was just amazing to hear, from Dewazakura So in that video we have a, interview from the brewery and they talk about how. Every year, you know, getting sake rice is very difficult. quality sake, rice, inflation labor, all these things. and the rice quality changes every year, for sure. But they really try really hard to keep the sake affordable and because they really feel like this is a flagship product that they want to, provide to the customers as long as they can. So I love the thought of getting your bang for the buck for this too, because I, I do think it’s really hard to do that. so hearing that story from them was pretty cool.

Timothy Sullivan: 26:35
Well, let’s, give it a taste now and, uh, see what comes across the palate. Hmm. Juicy, fruity, silky, smooth, right John?

John Puma: 26:47
yeah. Um, oh, it is just, you know, every time it’s one of these sakes, every time you taste it, you’re reminded of like everything that you love about it. And that’s exactly kind of where I’m at now. It’s just, um, this was one of my first ginjos. Uh, actually as far as like aruten Ginjos, this probably was like my first actual Ginjo and just really just blew my mind. I remember like just staring at that label and being like, I have to commit this to memory because this is something unique and different, and I well, I thought unique and different. Uh, little did I know that I was opening a door to a whole category that I didn’t know existed. but yet just having this, like this, wonderfully, juicy, fruity, flavor come across is just so wonderful. there’s a lot of sense memory for me on this one.

Timothy Sullivan: 27:36
Like visiting an old friend. That you like.

John Puma: 27:40
They’re very fond of, yes.

Sachiko Miyagi: 27:44
I feel like that person is dressed nicely too. Like they’re, they’re very, presentable. Smells good. Yeah, I like that.

Timothy Sullivan: 27:55
Well, I think we can all agree that this sake is a winner and that the algorithm is working for John and myself, for sure.

John Puma: 28:04
definitely working for me. That’s, uh, absolutely the case.

Timothy Sullivan: 28:08
So Sachiko, if people at home are interested in signing up for the Tippsy Sake Club, of course we’re gonna have all the links and information in our show notes on our website, SakeRevolution.com. But do you wanna let people know what they should do if they’re interested in signing up or learning more?

Sachiko Miyagi: 28:24
Yes. Go to our website, it’s TippsySake.com, T I P P S Y S A K E.com. And once you go to the homepage, you’ll see on the top it says membership, and that’s where you wanna put your cursor. and underneath that it says Tippsy Sake Club. so for first time customers of Tippsy, you can always use a 10% off code called Revolution as you check out.

Timothy Sullivan: 28:53
great. So discount code “REVOLUTION” at checkout, and if it’s your first order on Tippsy, you’ll get 10% off. That’s fantastic.

Sachiko Miyagi: 29:02

Timothy Sullivan: 29:02
Well, Sachiko, thank you so much for joining us. This was a great insight into the Tippsy Sake Club, and I hope all of our listeners will sign on and take this really fun quiz and try it out for themselves. So thanks for being with us today.

Sachiko Miyagi: 29:16
Thank you so much for having me.

Timothy Sullivan: 29:18
Awesome. All right, John, great to taste with you and I want shout out a special hello to our patrons as well. If you’d like to support Sake Revolution, you can visit us at Patreon.com/SakeRevolution to learn more about our tiers and different ways that you can support the show.

John Puma: 29:36
And another great way to support us is to leave a review over on your podcast platform of choice. That can be Apple Podcast, Spotify journal, whatever you’re using these days. Go over there. Tell them how much you’re enjoying the show. And that’s going to get the word out. It’s gonna get us out there on the algorithm. We’re all about algorithms today. Yeah. So that’s gonna help us out when people look for a sake podcast, it all means that they will find sake revolution a lot faster than they would otherwise. So thanks for doing that. On that wonderful note, I want everybody to please raise a glass. Remember to keep drinking sake and kanpai.