2020 Bonus Episode

Join us for a quick look back on Sake Revolution 2020 and a few hints about whats coming up for 2021. Happy New Year from Sake Revolution!

2020 Bonus Episode Transcript

John Puma: 0:22
hello everybody. And welcome to Sake Revolution. This is America’s first podcast. I’m your host, John Puma from the sake notes. Also the w what? Tim was up,

Timothy Sullivan: 0:32
You know, it’s the end of the year. And we’re going to do a quick recap, not a whole episode.

John Puma: 0:38
Oh, so we got the rest of the year off.

Timothy Sullivan: 0:40
well, how about we take a week off for the

John Puma: 0:43
All right. I like that. I like that.

Timothy Sullivan: 0:44
Yeah. What did you think of 2020.

John Puma: 0:48
What did I think of 2020.

Timothy Sullivan: 0:52
It was crap.

John Puma: 0:55
We could’ve been better. However, I think that’s Sake revolution had a really good 2020

Timothy Sullivan: 0:59
Yeah, we sure did. I counted them up and we profiled 73 individual. sakes. How about that?

John Puma: 1:07
Tim. We’re going to run out of sakes. There’s a finite number of brands that get exported.

Timothy Sullivan: 1:13
Yeah. And we got, we got 38 episodes in, in 2020. I think that’s pretty good.

John Puma: 1:18
38. That’s fantastic. and in all of that, I think we topped over 10,000 downloads this year.

Timothy Sullivan: 1:26
that is awesome. What a way to end the year. I think that’s fantastic.

John Puma: 1:31
yeah. Do you have any favorite moments of the show this year?

Timothy Sullivan: 1:35
I sure do. I think for me, the favorite thing that we did was actually the most personal. So when we did the married to sake series and we talked to your wife, Myshell, and my husband, Scott, and we talked to them about, being married to sake nerds, that was very personal, but I thought it was really fun to hear The other side of the coin and learn a little bit about what they think about our sake life.

John Puma: 1:58
It was a good time. There were a lot of fun to record and, uh, I thoroughly enjoyed getting all of the, uh, the gossip about, about your personal life.

Timothy Sullivan: 2:08
There’s a lot more there. Don’t you worry?

John Puma: 2:11
Well, we’ll do it. We’ll do a sequel catch up one of these days.

Timothy Sullivan: 2:14
And what about you? What did you enjoy?

John Puma: 2:17
well, this year, you know, uh, as everybody’s aware, is it 2020? And we did the majority of our episodes remotely. Whereas when we originally conceiving of this show at the end of 2019, We thought we were going to be doing this in person every week. Um, you know, at your place with a couple of microphones and some bottles. And when the pandemic hit, it became a situation that we could not do that. And so we’ve been doing these remotely the whole time. So when we finally got to sit down at decibel and do that on location episode, Uh, in-person uh, had some wonderful sake and a wonderful place. I think it was the best way for us to, to have, um, broken the streak of remote episodes. And I think it was a lot of fun to record. Uh, I had, uh, a ton of fun listening to it and I that’s a highlight for me.

Timothy Sullivan: 3:10
yeah, We were socially distanced and masked up, but we got to. Connect in a way that we haven’t been able to. And that was a really special episode. I really enjoyed that being out among people, being a decibel again, and, we’ll get there again, you know, it’ll happen again. We’ll be in person. Uh, but we got to ride this out a little bit longer. I there’s light at the end of the tunnel, as they say.

John Puma: 3:34
exactly. Exactly, so what do we have in store for our listeners in 2021?

Timothy Sullivan: 3:41
Hmm. Well, I can guarantee you that we’re going to continue with our award-winning North American sake brewers interview series. So we’re, we have a few more interviews lined up with sake brewers that make sake in North America. So I’m really looking forward to that.

John Puma: 3:59
and, uh, my understanding is that we’re also looking at expanding on this series in a way. And, uh, let’s just say interviewing people who make sake and other regions of the world that are known for making. sake,

Timothy Sullivan: 4:14
we’re going

John Puma: 4:15
that sounds like it’s going to be a really good time.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:18
Yes, can’t wait for that. And of course, we’re going to drink a lot more yummy, delicious sake and profile as many new, uh, interesting and really engaging styles of sake as we can.

John Puma: 4:29
Uh, is right Tim. So we’re going to call 2020 a year. As far as the sake revolution, calendar goes.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:38
It was a year.

John Puma: 4:40
It wasn’t here, well thank everyone for listening, thank you for being with us all year long and, subscribing and letting us be in your ears, every week, listening to us, talk about, uh, our passion, and our interest.

Timothy Sullivan: 4:58
I really want to thank everyone as well. It’s been so much fun hearing from people by email, online on Instagram, in person on our website. All the feedback we’ve gotten has been fantastic, and we hope that more and more people are going to be interested in sake. And we can’t wait to step into the education corner in 2021.

John Puma: 5:20
as we put 2020 into their rear view, I want to wish you all a very happy new year. Don’t forget to bust out that sparkling sake.

Timothy Sullivan: 5:29