Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on Sake Revolution! We are excited to talk sake with you! Below are some instructions and answers to common questions to prepare for your podcast interview. Please review and contact us anytime with any additional questions. Thank you, John & Timothy

How do we connect for the interview?

We use Zoom to conduct our interviews. Once we schedule our recording day/time, we’ll send you a calendar invite with the zoom link. On the day and time of our interview, access this link to launch the zoom app. If possible, find a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed.

What hardware do I need?

You’ll just need the zoom app installed on your computer and a high speed internet connection. For audio equipment, if you happen to have an external microphone and wired headphones for your computer, these give us the best sound quality, but we’re absolutely fine with whatever audio setup you have to connect to zoom.

What is the interview format?

We usually ask our guests to reserve one hour for the recording session. The edited episode will usually end up around 30 mins in length. The first half of our time together is usually spent with our interview questions and in the second half, we like to taste a sake together with our guest, to discuss the flavor and impression. We’ll be in touch with you in advance of our interview to confirm which sake you’d like to taste with us.

What happens after the interview?

After we record, your episode will usually air about 2-3 weeks later. We’ll be sure to send you a link when the episode goes live. Please let us know which of your social media you would like us to tag when we promote your episode. We also would like to get a headshot/photo of you that we can use for our show notes and online promotion.

What if my question wasn’t addressed here?

Please contact us with any questions: [email protected]